MCG Rising Leader – Lauren Hayes

“When you work in public accounting, when you’re in the service industry, going above and beyond is just part of the job description…Going above and beyond for clients is just something you do every day.” Hear more about Lauren Hayes and her practice at MCG.
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MCG Rising Leader – Chase Murphy

“I’ve always tried to come to work every day with a passion and a relentless approach towards what I do on a daily basis. To have that acknowledged and recognized by the leadership team and the partners of the firm is something that I certainly appreciate and value.” Hear more about Chase Murphy and his practice at MCG.
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MCG Spotlight – A Conversation on Lease Accounting

In this edition of MCG Spotlight, Paul Greilich sits down with Jeff Weinberg, Paul Dunn, and Zak Everson to discuss the new lease accounting guidance and how you can prepare for the changes.
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MCG Spotlight – A Conversation on the New Revenue Recognition Standards

Introducing MCG Spotlight, where you will find expert advice and information on accounting best practices. In this edition of MCG Spotlight, Paul Greilich sits down with Jeff Weinberg, Matt Spinek, and Paul Dunn to discuss the new revenue recognition standard and what it means for your business.
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Demonstrating Value in Critical Moments: Fidel Baca’s Story

Fidel Baca, cofounder of Exponent HR, answers why MCG is still his go-to firm after 15 years of working together. “It really is because they value the same things we value in clients and markets and the relationship. If I pick up the phone and call anybody over at MCG, I’m going to receive a response that says, ‘how can we help?’” Learn more about how the partnership between MCG and Exponent HR reestablished a client in a critical moment.
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Family Matters: Estate Planning with MCG’s Experts

Tackling estate planning and inheritance tax issues doesn’t have to be daunting or uncertain. Virginia Larson, MCG client and former IT business owner, discusses her experience with MCG’s estate planning team and how they worked with her to answer, “what happens if…”
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Not Your Typical Accounting Process: Paul Greilich’s Story

My name is Paul Greilich. I’m a partner at Montgomery Coscia Greilich, and I’ve been here since the firm was founded in September of 2003. Most accounting firms just want to do your tax returns or your audit or your bookkeeping. We don’t approach it that way. We always want to
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Successfully Growing Your Business: Missy Thompson’s Story

My name is Missy Thompson. I’m a partner in our consulting department, and I have been with MCG for eight years. Particularly in my side of the business, is that we do deal with small, entrepreneurial-sized businesses that are heavily focused on growth.
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Leaning on Integrity: Clay Hill’s Story

I have a unique story with this firm. I was at point, at an inflection point, in my company, and I needed capital. They brought the CFO, the interim CFO in, to help me get capitalized; they brought their negotiation teams in from the legal standpoint. From an accounting
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Why MCG?

Montgomery Coscia Greilich LLP – MCG is consistently ranked as one of the top 100 accounting firms in the country by Accounting Today and INSIDE Public Accounting. The Dallas Business Journal’s 2015 Book of Lists ranks MCG as the 6th largest firm in the North Texas Region. With
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