Walking to the Beat of Their Own Drum

Walking to the Beat of Their Own Drum

MCG Promotes Four New Partners

We all know the routine: With the turn of the year comes new beginnings, new goals, new commitments, and new aspirations. For four ambitious people at Montgomery Coscia Greilich LLP (“MCG”), a Dallas-based Top 100 accounting and advisory firm, the annual transition also brought a new title, Partner.

Having worked a collective 35 years at MCG, Alyssa Simms, Royce Prude, Chase Murphy, and Matt Jeffries have a rather impressive connection to the company. One could say they’ve paid their dues. Yet in a time when many firms are passing along fewer partner promotions, desiring instead to keep upper ranks exclusive, MCG stands out as rarity. To emphasize the point, Royce explained, “You have a lot of people here being promoted to partner much earlier than a lot of other firms.”

So, why is MCG bucking the trend that big-name firms have professed to follow? To begin with, this Texas firm has never been inclined toward tradition. Instead, its employees celebrate wins with wholehearted enthusiasm and embrace the things that make living and working here so pleasant.

But more importantly, the MCG leadership team knows that it’s people who are the foundation of a company’s success. And because of that, it only makes sense that people would be promoted not on an artificial, time-based schedule, but rather, when they’ve proven themselves to be hard-working and ready. With this mindset, it’s no surprise how highly regarded the company remains.

“MCG has always felt like home to me. The collaborative mentality and profound desire across all my friends and coworkers to “be meaningful in the lives of others” is special. I’m a firm believer that life is fleeting and short, and MCG’s core values help align my professional goals with personal fulfillment,” Chase explained.

While optimism pervades MCG, its employees are careful to point out the reality. “I’ve seen some swings and misses. We don’t hit a homerun every time,” Chase stated, “but hindsight is 20/20. Overall, we’ve done the right things; we always look for ways to be creative and helpful, and we have a deep affinity for building value.”

The recently announced combination of MCG with Top 15 firm Baker Tilly (effective June 1st, 2019) has brought great enthusiasm. Although employees have long relished the opportunity to work at MCG (to illustrate this point, Chase dons a wide assortment of MCG-branded gear ranging from sweatshirts to stickers), this recent development brings a whole new level of optimism.

“This combination brings so much more opportunity to grow the business. It puts us at a lot more tables than ever before. We kill it on the client-service side, so this just gives us a lot more resources now. It also brings in so many more referrals,” Royce mentioned.

The new partners at MCG radiated confidence that this combination was in complete alignment with the company’s values and goals. In order to achieve the growth they want, the team is embracing this change with open arms. Any apprehension disappeared as soon as they were in the same room as the Baker Tilly leadership team, who went above and beyond to connect. “MCG’s future is extremely bright, highlighted by our new combination with Baker Tilly. Baker Tilly’s core values and mentality align perfectly with MCG’s historical mission, and the access to additional resources is only going to help us reach a broader audience,” Chase said.

Now, the question remains: How will all this good cheer and exuberance translate into the day-to-day operations? As Chase pointed out, “The opportunities are endless.”

Alyssa Simms Practice: Tax Email | Bio

Alyssa Simms
Tax Partner

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Royce Prude Practice: Consulting Services Email | Bio

Royce Prude
Consulting Services Partner

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Chase Murphy Practice: Tax Email | Bio

Chase Murphy
Tax Partner

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Matt Jeffries
Tax Partner

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