Get to Know MCG – KC Onwuneme

Get to Know MCG – KC Onwuneme

KC Onwuneme

KC Onwuneme


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When KC Onwuneme first walked into his office at Montgomery Coscia Greilich, the area had already been through several major transformations.

In the 80s, Plano had the feel of a sleepy community where conversations were punctuated with updates about the latest Little League game. In the 90s, the town transformed into a suburban community worthy of its own pin on the map. By the time KC made the city his professional home, it had evolved into a bustling city that competed on the global stage for businesses, individuals, and families.

Now, ten years later, KC is proud of his role in the growth of the area, most notably his recent promotion to Partner at MCG. “MCG is family to me. I think of it as a lifestyle. I go to work excited. Home and work is all incorporated. It doesn’t feel like work to me,” he explained.

Indeed, if family is defined as a group of people who genuinely love, trust, care about, and look after one another, it’s no surprise that KC puts his colleagues on that level. In talking to him, it’s clear that he values their opinions and respects their role in his life. “After getting married to my wife, joining MCG was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Fortunately, the feeling is mutual. As a fellow partner in the firm described him as “relentless, exemplifying one of MCG’s core values.” To be sure, being relentless has helped KC arrive where he is. He thrives in an environment where no two days are the same, where one afternoon may be spent working on business development while the next is spent on the phone working with clients. “I love the flexibility of my work. I love being somewhere that allows me to do different things on different days and my activities get to fluctuate.”

“MCG is family to me. I think of it as a lifestyle. I go to work excited. Home and work is all incorporated. It doesn’t feel like work to me,” he explained.

On one hand, KC’s role may seem cut and dry: He provides financial statement audits and assessments of publicly traded companies and private equity firms throughout the United States. He gives recommendations to companies about how they can better maintain their books and ensure fiscal clarity. And he does it all with the mind frame that most accountants can appreciate – one in which organization is paramount, where reports are carefully lined up and nothing seems out of order.

Yet, there is another side to the job that KC is eager to nurture as well – the side that is very relationship-driven. He prides himself on being able to read people, to know when someone is genuine, to understand the words that aren’t actually spoken. And it’s these qualities, he says, that help him succeed in his role.

When speaking with him, it’s obvious he loves people. It isn’t all about the numbers for him. His genuine desire to pursue the best outcomes for his clients underscores why he has been so successful. “Even though it could be one and done, it’s not. I check in with my clients once a month to make sure everything is on track.” He elaborates, “I love the people I work with and the clients. When you come to find an environment you genuinely love, it makes the job a lot easier. That’s why I’m so happy.”

“KC has a really strong work ethic and really strives to provide clients with great work product and great customer service,” another colleague described. “He is a great leader and mentor to the staff, seniors, and managers in audit. He is well liked in the audit department.”

KC will continue striving for excellence in his new chapter as MCG Audit Partner. After all, someone who lives by the credo ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,’ can hardly be expected to sit complacently.

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