Get to Know MCG – Ana Coscia

Get to Know MCG – Ana Coscia


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Texas Christian University
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Master of Accounting

When an organization identifies relentless as one of its core values, one can hardly be surprised that its employees embody persistence and grit. Such is the case for MCG, a full-service accounting firm that has ballooned to 300 professionals since 2003. Here, a sense of determination seems to be part of the job description.

It comes as no surprise, then, that MCG has recently taken on a new tax partnership with Ana Coscia. At the firm for a mere three months, Coscia already has big plans. We recently caught up with her to dish about her latest venture and how she sees herself in the grand picture of MCG’s growth.

MCG Advisor: Let’s start out with the basics. What brought you to MCG as a partner?

Ana Coscia: It was a natural transition. I’ve been in the tax field for my entire career, specifically in the Fort Worth market, and being in this market is very much a part of who I am. When I learned about MCG, and specifically its distinct culture and what it was trying to accomplish in Fort Worth, it became obvious we were the perfect fit.

MCG Advisor: What, specifically, do you mean when you refer to the company’s culture?

Ana: MCG has a distinct culture in that it is not like your ordinary accounting firm. I think what summarizes it the best is the firm’s mission statement “To be significant in the lives of others”, which the firm lives up to.

MCG Advisor: Can you tell us why the company decided to expand into the Fort Worth area?

Ana: The firm had a client presence in Fort Worth prior to opening an office here in 2015. Leadership realized that Fort Worth is indeed a separate market than the east half of the metroplex, and decided that it made sense to serve Fort Worth clients from Fort Worth. We are very excited to be here, and our clients are as well.

MCG Advisor: And your goals professionally, personally? How do you fit into the overarching picture?

Ana: Balance is always a goal. Professionally, I’m focused finding the right talent to help build the tax practice in Fort Worth, on meeting our existing client needs and growing the number of people we serve. Personally, I also try to stay balanced — family, career, growth.

MCG Advisor: Before I let you off the hook, I want to ask the most important question yet: What is your spirit animal?

Ana: (laughing) Do I have to answer this?

MCG Advisor: Yes.

Ana: The only thing that I can think of is a tortoise. Like The Tortoise and The Hare, I just keep plugging along, and stay focused toward the goals and finish line. Each step in the race is a brushstroke of a masterpiece, that will hopefully come together in the end.

While a masterpiece may be the goal Ana seeks, she’s also quick to recognize the faulty goal of perfection. Asked her favorite quote, right now I have one that comes to mind: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of good.” With that, we wish Ana well in this new chapter of life. Keep plugging along, Ana, and your persistence will undoubtedly pay dividends.


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